What are the ‘Real’ causes of Heart Attacks?

heart attack happens when something blocks the blood flow to your heart so it can’t get the oxygen it needs.

More than a million Americans have heart attacks each year. Heart attacks are also called myocardial infarctions (MI). “Myo” means muscle, “cardial” refers to the heart, and “infarction” means death of tissue because of a lack of blood supply. This tissue death can cause lasting damage to your heart muscle.

What’s interesting to see is that most of the top medical articles focus only “top of the stack” approach on the reasons for heart attack including coronary heart disease, drug misuse & lack of oxygen in the blood (hypoxia). If we can change the perspective of “top of the stack” to “bottom of the stack” approach, maybe most of the unnatural ways of heart attacks can be prevented. Please note the fact that I’m referring to “unnatural” factors. Natural causes are not in our hands.

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