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Build your first app

⏱️ 8-12 weeks

In this part you will learn the tools, techniques and concepts needed to build a basic iOS app, from scratch. You will be introduced to the Swift programming language and learn how to utilise the Apple developer tools to build an app.

+ Understand and use the Swift programming language;
+ Use and explain the Apple developer tools: including Xcode, Interface Builder,
+ Documentation Browser;
+ Confidently converse with iOS developers, understanding the basics of coding and App development;
+ Design, develop and build your own simple iOS Apps.
Work with augmented reality (AR) and the web

⏱️ 12-15 weeks

In this part you will learn how to build AR apps with Xcode and look at the different ways to integrate web content into your iOS apps.

+ Use ARKit to create augmented reality scenes and objects for your apps
+ Test and debug your AR app
+ Connect to web services to fetch or send info to and from your app
Project: Create an iOS app from start to finish

⏱️ 15-20 weeks

In this part you will work on your very own project where you will go through the process of designing and prototyping your very own app.

+ Incorporate effective design principles (and Human Interface Guidelines) into yourapp
+ Utilisebrainstorming, planning, prototyping and testing into yourapp concept
+ Testand evaluateyourapp with an audienceto gainfeedback
+ Explainthe steps involved in getting an app onto the App Store
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